Are Canadians Being Charged Unfair Electrical Rates

That’s a question that a lot of Canadians are asking, and the answer is yes. Sure, some folks like to complain about their power bills no matter the cost, but there’s a study which proves that Canadians do pay a lot, and in the eyes of many, much more than they should.

High Electrical Tariff Rates

A study done by Hydro-Quebec in 2013 compared the electrical tariffs of several North American and Canadian cities, and it showed that residents in Calgary have the third highest tariff in Canada and Edmonton the fourth.  Overall, Calgary ranked 7th among North American cities and Edmonton 8th. On the average, Edmontonians pay $202 a month while Calgary residents pay $216 a month on average. But they’re still lucky because Halifax residents pay up to $225, while those living in Montreal have the lowest rate at $100 a month.


Power Bills Keeping Getting Higher

This finding isn’t alone, and it’s been backed up by other research which indicate that Canadians are paying more and more each month. One of the most affected places is Alberta, which has seen volatile spikes in prices for the past couple of years. In a period covering the second quarters of 2012-13, the cost of electricity in Alberta went from $40 to $123, a whopping 207% increase.

No matter how much the government tries to sugarcoat the situation, it’s obvious to anyone that electricity prices in the country are high. So what should be done? First of all, power companies should purchase electricity a couple of months in advance to stabilize the price. It’s also a good idea to stop buying from wholesalers, something that’s gaining wide support in Alberta.

This is also a good time for Canada to start looking at alternative power sources. A lot of people in government are talking about the need for alternative power, but there’s not really a lot being done about it. This study however, should galvanize the government into action.

Meanwhile, residents in Canada can’t really do much about the situation except tighten their belts and look for ways to cut back on power costs.    A Electrician in Toronto named Bonnie Curtis, has adviced us that the best way to reduce electrical costs is to replace old lamps with energy efficient lighting, as well as to reduce heating usage in unused rooms.